One Last Whisper

Is this the life I really have to live?
Did it mean anything at all?
Couldn’t it have just gone dark there?
It was alright
It wasn’t so bad
Not as painful as I always thought
Like one whisper
One last breath
Gone and forgotten

I don’t matter
I don’t feel like trying anymore
Can I go back?
To that dark room
The shortest breath
I’ve ever taken
Is that the secret?
To take as little as possible?
Don’t we all just run out of breath in the end?

I don’t feel I’m worth anything, anymore
Not to myself
Not to anyone else
I’m not real
I don’t have anything to give
I don’t mean anything to anyone, anymore

People will forget
And carry on
If it stayed dark
It wouldn’t of been so bad
It would’ve been alright
It’s hard to breathe
One last whisper
Gone and forgotten
No more pain


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