Empty Spaces

So many days since the sorrow I feel was first felt
It’s a memory I can’t help, can’t use to make sense of what it’s about
What I’ve become is like an empty field after a disaster
All debris has been taken away. Swept up. Thrown away.
Never to show what the lives that live inside me have given me
Shown me lessons of cruelty, deceit, promise and hopefulness in a world we bare naked
Im all alone. So hurt. So tired for the first time.
It’s like I was given a cancer that no one knows anything about
They turn their heads and ignore you. But promise if they knew, they would do anything to help. Anything at all.
Her hands hold onto you so tight. White knuckles and veins through her fists. They hold onto half of what you felt.
Her sentences so short they leave just enough for you to have doubt
All the empty spaces and all the moments that this was really about
They’ve given way to two people not acting like themselves
The tenderness and affection each word once held
Is no longer
You were someone to her
You were where she was
Standing separate you hold on tight to her
In a rush she let her feelings fade
To deal with all the places you both occupied
Now they are empty fields
Where disaster was cleaned up
Discarded when there’s no use
No use to make sense of what it was all ever about


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