I’m A Paper Cup

One day I hope I see something that I can’t ignore
Something like a harmony or overture
I’m living in vain
I’m alone, worried so much about all these life stains
This terrible circumstance
That tells me I’m not even close to being no more
I have a long way to go
Or without notice I’ll be no longer be able to be ignored
Without notice
Without fear
I’ll be no more
Im a paper cup
Im a plastic spoon
I’m recyclable
Im telling you
You’ll end up not where you thought
You’ll have homelessness on your doorstep
You’ll be life’s stain
Boredom will seem like a luxury when replaced by pain
People’s eyes will see the surface
Of your heartache that traded you for misery
Of memory that doesn’t suit you
Well, I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more
The passage back now leads to no one, no more
And no more


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