As Time Slipped By

I could’ve done so much better
I’m here but don’t feel good
All the simple things got lost
Hurt devours and love pains

Maybe I’m not ever going to be the same
The beautiful boy remains
Lost on a distant chance that no one took
Everyone is gone
Moved on or making no more sense
Between the lines we got lost
No one spoke a word
And we are standing  beside ourselves

As time slipped by
I couldn’t see myself
I couldn’t see

I’m not enough and never was
I’m never going to a place I’m accepted by myself
Or anyone else
Unconditional love hurts no one else

I can’t see how I’ll make it out
People tangled in invisible words
Emotions and static resentment hold our love and lives inside a deep breath that no one lets out

I couldn’t breathe so the doctor called to say so
And on the end of a phone
Was a brother who couldn’t say much
Just my name
And that was enough to know
If I die on that plane
I’ll always be the same
I’d leave behind
All it was
We made of this life
And who we never were


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