How about all the things you’ve never written

A letter that was too shy to see the light of someones eyes

Im merry and dandy, happy to be alone

Cold feet and soft whispers

Make me smile

Be a friend

Stay for time

Tea and converstaion

Hopeless I was, in a frown that seemed to cloud over the art of life

Timeless and free, but the children couldn’t tell you who was in or out

All they knew was that she was going to die

Its up to the adults who will show up and be found

Be alive and be counted for

All a state of mind

All about being there

A cruel moment doesn’t make me

Kind, soft, worse than a man who doesn’t know how to live

Be my friend

My darling

My time will come

Be a wonder

A world apart we were taken

And it seemed like it wouldn’t last

Other way around

Other kind of feeling

Other worldly

Im not yours and we haven’t yet begun

Love in line

Time piece

Waiting like sandles


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